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Krista Bitmete (birth name - Krista Miltiņa).

I am a visual artist from Riga, Latvia. Working in various mediums but mostly - illustrations.


2009. - 2013. Janis Rozentāls Riga Art School (Latvia).

2013. - 2017.  Bachelor's degree - Via Design, Teko (Denmark).

2017. - 2020. Master's Degree - Art Academy of Latvia (Latvia).


⋯ Illustrations for Latvian National Museum of Art for the audio project "The Route of Wellbeing" (2022);

⋯ Illustrations and design for “Es esmu boss” children’s book by Zane Zusta, Publisher – Zvaigzne ABC (2021);

⋯ "Just dill with it" product line;

⋯ Illustrations for "Pie Galda" magazine (2019-2022);

⋯ Illustrations for "Madara Cosmetics" (2019-2022);

⋯ Illustrations and design for “Labrīmes” children’s book by Zane Zusta, Publisher – Zvaigzne ABC (2021);

⋯ Publications in “JEZGA” magazine issue #2 (2020);

⋯ Cover illustrations and publications in "Imperfekt" magazine (2019-2021);

⋯ Cover illustration for "Vīrs, bērni un pieci randiņi" book by Lelde Jauja, Publisher – Zvaigzne ABC (2021);

⋯ Illustrations “Kas notiek bērnudārzā?” book by Dana Gulbe, Publisher – TAPT (2019);

⋯ Cover illustrations for "Savu Komētu Nedzird" and  "Amazones Neraud" books by Eleonora Troja, Publisher – Zvaigzne ABC (2020);

⋯Illustrations for the Latvian children’s magazine "Pikkolo"  issue about Cosmos (2020).


I am open for collaboration projects so feel free to contact me via facebook, email or instagram. 

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